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Don’t Let Envelope Glue Kill Your Fiancée!

If you haven’t seen the Seinfeld episode “The Invitations,” where George’s fiancée dies from envelope glue, take twenty minutes and treat yourself. (You can pay on YouTube or watch it free, in slight fast-motion, on Dailymotion.) Then come back and read this blog where we offer three compelling reasons for making your life easier with our peel and seal envelopes!

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Direct Mail vs. Email: When to Send Which

If you run a business, church, or non-profit in the 21st century, you’re not at a loss for marketing options. Where you might be at a loss is figuring out how to sort through all the options to make your best moves. The high-touch “touchable” stuff, like direct mail, phone calls, and hand-written notes, haven’t gone away, all the while new, faster, digital options—like email and social media—are cropping up in more and more sophisticated ways.

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Best-Kept Secrets: Holiday Fundraiser Marketing

No one can argue with the numbers when it comes to holiday giving. If you’re helping run a non-profit, you know that people not only feel more generous during the holidays, they plan to be more generous. By the time Thanksgiving approaches, your kids’ wish lists aren’t the only gifts you’re thinking about. You want your organization to be a line on people’s budgets. Holiday fundraising season is a perfect time to build sincere (and jolly!) connections with your organization, celebrate friendships, and take in a bulk of your year’s budget. Plus, holiday fundraiser marketing can be tons of fun. Here are some fabulous pointers for making the merry most of your fundraising season this year.

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