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Marketers, Combine Mail and Media!

If you’re a marketer, chances are you’ve heard tips on how to combine digital and “analog” experience for your customers, mail with media. Whether that’s through bridging the gap between print and social media, running cross-media campaigns, or overhauling for omnichannel strategies, you’ve probably done at least some preliminary exploring. You may even have heard some whispers about what the future of combining mail and media might look like.

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How to Know When to Splurge on Direct Mail

How do you know when to take your direct mail campaign up a notch? As a business or non-profit, you’re under constant pressure to impress, yet you’ve always got to keep an eye on the bottom line. You always pass up that fancier paper, the square envelope, the metallic ink. But when’s the moment to say yes and how do you know when to splurge on direct mail?

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Get Ahead with 6 Holiday Invitation Tips

Already planning for December? It’s almost never too early for (drumroll, please!) holiday invitation tips! Holiday events are important. They can be very good news for your budget, whether your goal includes sales, fundraising, or celebrating. Why not get a head start on invitations to get your best numbers ever? Here are 6 fabulous holiday invitation tips for you.

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6 Top Print Marketing Gaffes (Don’t Do Any of These)

The buzz these days is all about digital marketing and how to do it right. But what about good old print? You need to get it right because print is an investment. Just because it’s the longest-running show in town doesn’t mean its hottest techniques or FAIL Blog pitfalls are self-evident. Save time, trouble, and money, and stay aware of the biggest print marketing mistakes before you get started. (Thank us later by buying our envelopes!)

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