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Marketing to Busy Parents: Best-Kept Secrets

We’re kicking off a best-kept secrets series, and starting it with a target audience that might be on your radar: busy parents. From lunch menus to doctors appointments to work meetings, parents are bombarded with official information they have to remember all the time. If you’re marketing to busy parents, chances are, what you’re sending their way is optional knowledge. How do you make your message appealing and memorable among all the other verbiage coming their way on screen and in print? Here are our two cents on standing out and being seen when marketing to busy parents.

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Are Newsletters Old News?

Hear ye, hear ye, extra, extra! You’ve got updates, announcements, thank-yous, and stories to share. That’s because things around your business or non-profit are buzzing. Or maybe you’re trying to create some buzz. However it’s going down, a lot of organizations still stick to the traditional way of sharing news: with paper newsletters. Why?

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5 Ways to Raise Your Direct Mail ROI

You pay more for tailored Italian chinos than for cargo khakis. But wearing your chinos to the beach and your khakis to an interview wouldn’t be your smartest move. You’ve got to strategize how you wear them, and why. Direct mail is one of your most expensive marketing tools but can produce some of the highest returns on investment. But if there’s one key word for direct mail ROI, it’s strategy. It’s the how and why.

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