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Are Custom Printed Envelopes a Right?

Are custom printed envelopes a right? More and more often, we are asked to choose whether or not we want to receive items electronically or through the mail.  Whether we are signing up for a new power company, a medical provider or even a newspaper subscription we are asked if we want to receive all correspondence electronically. This holds true for both the government and the private sector. It’s become almost second nature and is no longer considered an even slightly unusual request. So where is our awareness of envelopes as a right?

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Do You Color Print in CYMK?

If you’ve ever spent long hours on a project, carefully crafting your design with the perfectly chosen colors, only to have it print some muddy, not even close approximation of those colors, you’ve personally discovered the differences between the RGB and CYMK color modes. RGB and CYMK are different color modes used online or in printing and can cause much confusion when you are designing and printing your logo or other branding materials. So, do you Color Print in CYMK? read more…

Is Black a Color?

Do you lay awake at night thinking of ways to solve problems far outside your realm of experience?  We probably all have at some point in time. When you tire of coming up with ideas to solve the world’s greatest problems, consider this little brain teaser:  Is Black Considered a Color?  The answer or answers can vary widely and greatly depend not only on who you ask but what you ask.  A physicist, an artist or a child with a new box of crayons will all answer this brain twisting question differently.   Just one definition of the word black from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary contains thirteen descriptions.  For this discussion, we must also decide whether we are considering the color black as a product of light or as a pigment. We will do both and then finish by looking at it in terms of cultural significance and symbolism. read more…

Ways to Save on Postage

Postage costs keep rising. After the most recent postal rate increase on January 22nd many small businesses are searching for ways to save on postage.  You may even be considering raising your own flock of carrier pigeons as an extremely retro way to save on postage. Here are several easier methods that will be more time-saving, space-saving and cost-effective.

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What Are Booklet Envelopes?

What are booklet envelopes, and What are some of the best ways to use them? Booklet envelopes are medium to larger sized envelopes designed for holding larger materials that do not fit in a standard envelope. They are an excellent way to get your brochures, pamphlets and other marketing materials into the hands of your customers. Because of their size and shape, booklet envelopes can also be used to send multiple items all in the same flat mail package. They are a very efficient and cost-effective way of getting both your marketing materials and the resulting orders back into the hands of your clients. read more…

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