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How to Save Money on Postage

We’ve always known that direct mail can give you a uniquely great return on investment. But if you have anything to do with balancing your business’ books, you know that investment is the right word. It requires more in upfront costs than a digital campaign, and a good portion of the costs go to postage, which seems to be rising a little all the time. How do you stick with what you know works, and still stay smart about the budget? Here are a few little on how to save money on postage before your next direct campaign heads out. read more…

Spring Clean Your Address Books

Giving up a beautiful spring day to wash your blinds and clean out your closets? Perhaps you could take it or leave it. But doing a spring clean of your office address books is always worth it. Almost nothing saves your marketing and communications team more time and trouble in the long run than keeping email and direct mail campaign lists squeaky clean. They will thank you, and though we can’t guarantee you’ll get a raise, all we’re saying is, it won’t hurt. Here are some dos and two big don’ts for getting your address books cleaned out this spring. read more…

Automate Your Office Supplies

We know you run a busy office. Some days you enjoy breaks from the screen-world and need to talk to human beings. But other days it’s time to buckle down and get things done, stat. Those are the days when running an errand with one quick click is more appealing than picking up the phone. Don’t get us wrong — we love to hear your voice. But if you want to make stocking your office supplies a little easier, sign up for our online Reorder program. Here’s how it works:

read more…

3 Custom Business Envelopes to Always Keep in Stock

When it comes to office supplies, you always want to stay efficient and scaled back. You also want the most bang for your buck. If you know what you need, you save money, reduce waste, and avoid a colorful, jumbled avalanche when you open the supply cabinet. So how do you stay scaled back without missing out on something you need? We can’t speak for all your office needs, but we can definitely speak for envelopes. So, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our most popular custom business envelopes that business owners, non-profit leaders, and church administrators like you have decided they can’t do without. read more…

Quick (Fun) Tips for Prepping Your Mail

When you’re prepping your mail, are there a million things you’d rather be doing, like organizing your paper clip collection? If so, your mail might need more attitude. Whether you’re in the design or the mail-out phase, try a few of our quick (and fun) tips for injecting life into your mail prep, and getting your direct campaign where it needs to be. If it doesn’t pique your interest, how are you going to get anyone else excited to see what’s inside?   read more…

Quality vs. Cost: How to Tell When “Extras” Are Worth It

Consider the grocery trip. One week your mind is on your checking account. You keep your head down and stick to your list. But the next week, it’s wiser to stock up on bulk, splurge on the higher-quality staples, and load up on that fresh fruit. When you’re choosing how to send mail for your organization, there are seasons when your priority is to defend your bottom line. But there are other times when you make those far-seeing investment decisions. Even small elements in your direct mail and envelopes options can make a difference to sales and client relationships, depending on your needs. Sometimes those extras are worth it. When is it time for your business to check out the benefits of a custom printed envelope, a paper catalogue, or a self-seal envelope option, for example? Let’s unpack the options.

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