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6 Differences Between Church and Business Branding

Branding for a church or non-profit does not always follow all the same rules as branding for a business. If you work for a church or non-profit, you might even feel hesitation about totally adopting words like “branding.” You want to keep your identity distinct and don’t want the values you stand for to get too confused with the need for revenue.

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5 USPS Secrets to Make Your Life Easier

The United States Postal Service has your back. They’ve expanded their offerings to include more than sending and receiving mail and giving you that occasional discount on postage. From saving on your direct mail campaigns to free tracking, marketing boosts, and tools for small businesses, USPS offers a lot you might not know about. So before you shop around (or pay too much to send your next mailer), check out these 5 USPS secrets our good old post office offers that might just make your life a little easier. read more…

4 Simple Office Organizing Tools to Fall in Love with

At Letter Jacket, we’re not afraid of the digital. But if you know anything about us, you know that we are also champions of the “analog” —experts in how to get your paper from one place to another. And when it comes to other parts of office life, it’s not always a digital solution that works best. You still need ways to organize the office supplies, papers, and other necessary stuff that ends up in your office—and often, on your desk. (Sometimes that “stuff” includes your thoughts.) Here are four office organizing tools, some classic, some new, for you to fall in love with—or fall in love with again. read more…

How to Save Money on Postage

We’ve always known that direct mail can give you a uniquely great return on investment. But if you have anything to do with balancing your business’ books, you know that investment is the right word. It requires more in upfront costs than a digital campaign, and a good portion of the costs go to postage, which seems to be rising a little all the time. How do you stick with what you know works, and still stay smart about the budget? Here are a few little on how to save money on postage before your next direct campaign heads out. read more…

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