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Why Are #10 Custom-Printed Envelopes So Popular?

A lot of times in business we do things without thinking why. We just know that’s how “it’s done.” But everything that’s “just done” emerges for a reason. And at the time, it’s a good one. Understand your old standard, and from there, you can be inventive. The Babylonians, for example, had a pretty good reason for covering clay tablet messages in a layer of more protective clay. Presumably, so their marketing campaigns could arrive across town intact. They didn’t know about #10 custom-printed envelopes.

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Famous Envelope Mysteries, Part 1!

“Death in the Envelope” sounds like a great BBC special, doesn’t it? If you thought it was just fictional fiancées involved in envelope-related debacles, think again! There are a number of incidents—murder mysteries included—involving the humble envelope, and not just Sherlock Holmes or Harriet Vane. We’re talking real history. We’re starting a new series of blog posts that track down some of these stories. So grab a glass of wine, some tea and biscuits, and snuggle up for Famous Envelope Mysteries, Part 1!

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Don’t Let Envelope Glue Kill Your Fiancée!

If you haven’t seen the Seinfeld episode “The Invitations,” where George’s fiancée dies from envelope glue, take twenty minutes and treat yourself. (You can pay on YouTube or watch it free, in slight fast-motion, on Dailymotion.) Then come back and read this blog where we offer three compelling reasons for making your life easier with our peel and seal envelopes!

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