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Maximizing Paper in an Omnichannel World

Effective marketing is all about an omnichannel presence. Omnichannel means using a combination of all possible marketing channels at your disposal and linking them together to make them coordinate. The goal is to create a marketing strategy that’s greater than the sum of its parts. And every smart marketer knows: if you want the very best omnichannel experience, you’ve got to include direct mail.

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7 Fun Tips to Spruce Up Holiday Mail

Many organizations use holiday greetings and special promotions as a tactic to drive sales and check in with customers toward the end of the year. And that’s smart. But holiday mail, whether from a business or non-profit, is also a great way to connect. You can add warmth, sincerity, humor, or pizazz to your marking repertoire, build relationships, and make people feel appreciated. And if you start early enough, it can be a heck of a lot of fun to plan.

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Balance Marketing with the Bottom Line

Direct mail is like walking instead of driving. It takes more out of you, but it’s worth it. You already know that you need a blend of high-speed digital and the appeal of the old-fashioned to maximize your outreach potential. But the truth is, well, mail isn’t your cheapest option. Direct mail means paying for higher impact, higher touch, and a slower build-up on return. Read on to learn how to balance marketing with the bottom line.

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Could High-tech Metering Help Your Business?

Last week we posed a question about using the latest in video platforms to boost mail efficiency and effectiveness. We concluded that some nonprofits and businesses might find it super helpful, some not so much. Where you invest in tech does not rely on the latest trick or trend. To hit that ROI, determining your technology investment depends on your need and your strategy. So, is high-tech metering right for you, and can it save you money?

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Marketers, Combine Mail and Media!

If you’re a marketer, chances are you’ve heard tips on how to combine digital and “analog” experience for your customers, mail with media. Whether that’s through bridging the gap between print and social media, running cross-media campaigns, or overhauling for omnichannel strategies, you’ve probably done at least some preliminary exploring. You may even have heard some whispers about what the future of combining mail and media might look like.

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