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Get Ahead with 6 Holiday Invitation Tips

Already planning for December? It’s almost never too early for (drumroll, please!) holiday invitation tips! Holiday events are important. They can be very good news for your budget, whether your goal includes sales, fundraising, or celebrating. Why not get a head start on invitations to get your best numbers ever? Here are 6 fabulous holiday invitation tips for you.

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6 Top Print Marketing Gaffes (Don’t Do Any of These)

The buzz these days is all about digital marketing and how to do it right. But what about good old print? You need to get it right because print is an investment. Just because it’s the longest-running show in town doesn’t mean its hottest techniques or FAIL Blog pitfalls are self-evident. Save time, trouble, and money, and stay aware of the biggest print marketing mistakes before you get started. (Thank us later by buying our envelopes!)

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Booklet Ideas for Your Next Direct Mail Project

Designing a booklet? You need ideas. Annual reports, magazines, lookbooks, catalogs, newsletters, and program highlights all need more time and space—and, therefore, more spot-on design and copy—to get the message across. You also need your booklet to not just rock the content, but hang together as a whole and create a unified experience. Here are our 4 best booklet ideas for your inspiration.

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Postage Add-ons That Are Worth the Extra Cost, Part 2

Social media integration, digital crossover, custom printing, design, and color can all boost your direct mail ROI without breaking your postage budget. There are times, however, when tossing a few extra bucks USPS’s way may be worth it. Postage add-ons and “extras” can gain attention, retain it, and draw readers into commitment.

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Marketing to Busy Parents: Best-Kept Secrets

We’re kicking off a best-kept secrets series, and starting it with a target audience that might be on your radar: busy parents. From lunch menus to doctors appointments to work meetings, parents are bombarded with official information they have to remember all the time. If you’re marketing to busy parents, chances are, what you’re sending their way is optional knowledge. How do you make your message appealing and memorable among all the other verbiage coming their way on screen and in print? Here are our two cents on standing out and being seen when marketing to busy parents.

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