An accounting firm presents a particularly tricky marketing project. The services you offer must appear to be credible, professional and trustworthy to help you obtain new clients and grow. Branding is a major component of this process because it helps you present an image in a consistent, convincing manner.

Custom printed envelopes can help you achieve your branding goals with a message that stands behind the values your business holds dearly. The unique way your accounting firm can meet the needs of its clients can be expressed from the moment your recipient sees the envelope.

A Professional Appearance

Part of projecting a desirable and respectable brand image is holding your company to a competitive standard. Accounting firms that want to be taken seriously will have invested in logos, color schemes and branded copy that immediately presents them in a professional light. Slick-looking or appealing imagery can often be a mark of what separates amateurs from the experienced.

When sending direct mail, your accounting firm would benefit from displaying this mark of experience right on your envelope. Anyone who receives your direct mail will likely be impressed at the level of quality your branding efforts reveal.

Effective Lead Generation

Since many accounting firms are sending extensive business-to-business communications, a higher standard of excellence must be presented. Getting them to open up the envelope and see the message inside can be made much easier by printing the envelope itself with convincing branded materials. You may be more likely to generate an important contact thanks to the evidence of quality on the mail you send.

Separating Your Organization from the Competition

Accounting can be as a similar product across the board, but not all accounting firms can deliver on expectations. Your brand must position itself carefully to avoid confusion or appearing inadequate.

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